Artichoke Flower

Need a new and exciting look for landscaping? A thornless type of artichoke called "Emerald" has been bred and patented for consumption and landscaping. The Emerald Artichoke has been developed to withstand ground temperatures to 15 degrees F. This perennial plant is an eye-catching accent for both residential and commercial use. The Emerald Artichoke grows well in all soil types. We recommend fall planting. Most plants will over-winter well with rapid growth producing buds in early spring up through the first of the summer. If the buds are left to open they will produce breathtaking vibrant purple blooms.

Artichoke Garden

The artichoke bud, the bloomed bud or the dried bud can be used to create beautiful flower arrangements. Cutting back the plant in late summer for early re-growth will produce a more abundant second crop. The Emerald is very easy to grow and resists most insects. It requires very low amounts of water and works well on a drip system. Therefore, artichoke plants are an ideal choice for a low maintenance and colorful landscape design.

The artichoke is a perennial in the thistle family living up to five years, and can be used both in home gardens and for landscaping purposes. The Emerald Artichoke is easy to grow and tolerant of most insects and diseases. The plant spreads to cover an area of about six feet and reaches a height of four to five feet. The long, lobed leaves are silver-green in color. The buds, if allowed to flower, are up to seven inches in diameter and are a striking purple-violet color. For a small family, 5 to 6 artichoke plants should yield ample amounts of artichoke buds for consumption.
Artichoke Flower

Artichoke buds

Emerald Artichoke

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Emerald Artichoke

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